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Arrupe Bridges Project

A Collaborative Classroom Initiative

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What it is.

A virtual ecosystem for school-inspired classes that combines collaboration, quality teachers, strong pedagogy, and the creative use of technology to reach and embolden young people.


  • Some schools have what other schools need. 

  • Some schools have promising programs that would benefit from a larger and/or diversified  audience.

  • Some schools want to explore new delivery models that will make them more efficient and effective.

  • Some schools have an apostolic or global citizenship agenda they are looking to fulfill.

What AVLI has.

  • A large network of member schools filled with quality teachers. 

  • A proven pedagogical approach, technology platform, and support system. 

  • Proof-of-concept for a hybrid, collaborative course design to connect schools and engage students. 

  • An openness to learn, and an eagerness to serve.

How it works.

  • Communication
    Arrupe Bridges offers new modes of communication between teachers, students, and schools. Students meet and work with classmates from their respective schools in preparation for combined class meetings featuring the teacher and students from both schools. Teachers and students interact asynchronously and synchronously as students work toward completing course outcomes.

  • Engagement
    In a Bridges course, teachers engage students unencumbered by the strictures of physical classrooms. Time and place no longer restrict collaboration as teachers and students work together despite differences in schedule and time zone. Students participate in live Zoom meetings, chats, and local class meetings, and asynchronously through discussion boards, collaborative assignments, and peer-to-peer feedback.

  • Assessment
    Teachers challenge students with authentic assessments whereby students prepare for and engage in debates with their partner school, collaborate on literary analysis essays, or even create and produce their own movies highlighting local cultural artifacts. The Bridges format encourages effective formative and summative feedback cycles encouraging a growth mindset for teacher and student alike.

"It is a thrill and a privilege to watch students as they develop, through independent study and group interactions, a sophisticated vocabulary  for discussing the great diversity of human culture and their place within it."

Dr. Taiko Haessler

Bridges Teacher

Arrupe Virtual

Dr. Taiko Haessler

"Bridges gave me a chance to meet new people from another part of the country and to gain experience with working with others different from myself."

Ryan S.


Ryan S.

"Being able to learn at my own pace with more relaxed deadlines and larger, more involved assignments makes me a lot less stressed and allows me to better organize. Bridges challenged me to budget my time, and I was rewarded when I did."

Nick P.


Nick P.

"I was amazed at the authentic community the teacher was able to build through the course. The students from the different schools really got to know each other, and their collaborative assignments were excellent as a result."

Chris Welling

Bridges Course Moderator

DeSmet Jesuit

Chris Welling

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