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What's coming.

A virtual ecosystem for school-inspired classes that combines collaboration, quality teachers, strong pedagogy, and the creative use of technology to reach and embolden young people.


  • Some schools have what other schools need. 

  • Some schools have promising programs that would benefit from a larger and/or diversified  audience.

  • Some schools want to explore new delivery models that will make them more efficient and effective.

  • Some schools have a global citizenship agenda they are looking to fulfill.

What AVLI has.

  • A large network of member schools filled with quality teachers. 

  • A proven pedagogical approach, technology platform, and support system. 

  • Proof-of-concept for a hybrid, collaborative course design to connect schools and engage students. 

  • An openness to learn, and an eagerness to serve.

Learn about the pilot.

This video was created prior to our name change from JVLA to Arrupe Virtual.