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Spanish for FLUENCY

Spanish for FLUENCY

This is a year-round experience beginning in June 2023

Course Description


COURSE LISTING: World Languages

PREREQUISITES: Spanish I recommended though not required

FIRST YEAR COST: $1,420 See the following details. Annual Course Fee: $880 (All instructional resources included)

Year 1 Summer Travel Fee: $540 (+Transportation to venue) The first-year summer experience is a 4-day camp-style experience designed to build cohesion, community, and commitment among members of the learning cohort. Lodging and meals included.

From climate change to international trade to migrancy to human rights and more, we live in a complex and interrelated world. Global problems require global leadership, and this begins with a capacity to understand one another.

For those students up to the challenge, Spanish for FLUENCY will provide a pathway to documented second language proficiency. Students will meet, learn, and share with other students possessing the same language interest, and they will gain important learning and life skills. In short, they will receive the lifetime gift of bilingualism.

What makes our FLUENCY program different?

  • This is a year-round experience beginning in June of a student's sophomore year and lasting through senior year.

  • There are two teachers for each cohort of 30 students.

  • You will be working toward fluency with students from across the AVLI network in both real-time (synchronous) and independent (asynchronous) experiences.

  • Being fluent provides you with the most important personal ingredient for becoming a global citizen.

  • The program will count towards graduation requirements, replacing the language program offered by your school.

  • The program includes immersion experiences, both in the United States and abroad, connecting you to the experiences and contexts of native speakers.

  • Selection for admittance to the program is competitive (though not elite). Learning a second language can be transformational. Though the “best and brightest” are certainly encouraged to apply, our focus is on identifying a unique cohort of students whose deep desire is to know another language, and who are willing to persevere, share, and grow in relationship with one another. Is this you? If so...

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