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Creativity in the Classroom

March 2nd - April 9th

Facilitated by Justin Manwell

This course is designed to provide teachers the opportunity to explore the role creativity plays in instructional design, both from a pragmatic standpoint and from an intuitive faith-based approach as well.  Creativity is one of the most essential of human talents and if we recognize and harness that ability, we enrich our daily lives and that of our students.  Students come into our classrooms bearing a wide range of talents: visual, mechanical, verbal, artistic, linguistic, athletic, and analytical. This course is designed to help teachers build on those talents- and on their own creativity and individuality.  We will define creativity, look at how the brain perceives and interprets it, we will look at the link between prayer and creative expressions, and we will even reflect on the creativity of plagiarism.  Every teacher and student possess the innate characteristics for creative expression, and the goal of this course is to enhance the tools for the teacher who is aware and knowledgeable of proven and effective ways to teach creative behavior.