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Just-in-Time Series

Fund Development Strategy

(Just when you need it)

Created and Facilitated by Jack Peterson of Managing for Mission.

This is an AVLI Just-in-Time course. Not only is it just in time for schools looking to ramp up revenues in financially challenging circumstances, but participants can take this facilitated asynchronous course according to their own schedule. It can be completed in 4-8 hour (depending on how deep participants want to go) and is designed for advancement officers, school heads, trustees and future leaders of Catholic schools, or combinations. In six sections lasting about an hour each, participants will learn about the five requisites of successful development: Case, Prospects, Asks, Askers and Resources. While learning proven strategies in each of these areas, participants will also be building a Development Plan for their school using an interactive template. Course includes 30 minutes of free consultation with instructor, Jack Peterson, founder of Managing for Mission, who has been leading in development, school administration and consulting for almost 40 years. Also includes optional video tutorials and downloadable tools for managing development strategies.

TEMPORARY COVID PRICE: $300 for member schools ($675 value)

TEMPORARY COVID PRICE:  $500 for non-member schools ($1,000 value)

Painted Heart

What others are saying...

"With this online course, Jack has done a great job distilling the development function into its five key components and making them accessible to both novices and veterans."

James Plourde


JP Fundraising Solutions

"The course gives staff a clear blueprint for a successful shop. This keeps everyone accountable and “donor centric” in their fundraising efforts."

Mary Williams Beard

Director of Development

Bishop Blanchet High School

"This course is a clear and accessible resource for organizations wanting to elevate their development programs. Jack is a true expert in his field!"

Jacqueline Robinette

Assistant Director of Development, Annual Giving

Bishop Blanchet High School

“The course was a foundational, effective and practical exploration of all facets of the art and science of advancement. The instructor’s tools, advice and philosophy will prove invaluable for new as well as senior Catholic school advancement professionals.”


John T. Kennedy

School Head, CFO

Catholic Schools

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