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Colleagues in Contact: Interdisciplinary Collaboration

Course Cost


Offered in 4-week windows during MARCH and APRIL 2022 to groups at your school. Specific arrangements made at the time of registration.


Carol Kelly

Professional Development Lead at AVLI

Continuing Education Credits

2 HOURS At the conclusion of the course, teachers will have the option of applying for Continuing Education Units (CEUs). The cost of CEUs is $25.

About the course

The desire to develop interdisciplinary curriculum is one of the most frequently noted goals of teachers today. This course is designed to bring together teachers who wish to explore the power of cross-discipline collaboration, working together as a team to make multiple courses better. As part of the Colleagues in Contact series of courses, teachers may take the course as their schedule permits, allowing teachers from individual schools to register together for the course as either a pair or as a small group. Teachers in the four-week long program will work collaboratively to create a complete unit that will be featured in each of their courses. Together, they will revise unit learning objectives for student-centered, diversified curriculum. Rubrics that are clear and compelling will be established together, allowing for greater flexibility and ease of grading. Gaining context along the way, participants will explore project-based curricular models, brain science evidence of the power of interdisciplinary learning, and a range of tools particularly suited to the intersection of academic fields. We encourage you to look outside the classroom door and invite a colleague from one of those intriguing other disciplines with whom to collaborate.

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