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Creativity in the Classroom

Course Cost

$360 for a single. $600 for two same-school participants. $250 for each additional participant.


January 23rd - March 3rd


Carol Kelly

Professional Development Lead at AVLI

Continuing Education Credits

3 HOURS At the conclusion of the course, teachers will have the option of applying for Continuing Education Units (CEUs). The cost of CEUs is $25.

About the course

Creativity is one of the most essential of human talents and if we recognize and harness that ability, we enrich our daily lives and that of our students, tapping into their individual visual, mechanical, verbal, artistic, linguistic, athletic, and analytical talents.  Whether you are teaching online, balancing in hybrid mode, or back with your students at school, creative instructional design is not just desirable, it is pragmatic, and an intuitive part of faith-based curriculum. Join colleagues for an exploration that includes the brain science of creativity and how it can be harnessed in experiential learning, work with coaching to develop project-based teaching and learning curricular strategies, and evaluate your present strategies to ensure they are flexible, topical, and student-centered.

Here is what teachers report after their 6-week journey through Creativity in the Classroom:

  • "The activities helped me provide more opportunities for my students to take ownership of their learning through more creative assignments." 

  • "This course was very validating for me and allowed me the space to be more reflective about my teaching. It also gave me more confidence (and resources!) to make a classroom more centered around project-based learning. "

  • "It challenged me to think outside of my normal realm of thought to creative, unique, challenging and engaging assignments and projects."

  • "The course helped me expand my creativity toolbox… I’m always looking for new ways to boost student engagement allowing students to become partners in their own learning."

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