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Reflect, Reset, Refine, Recharge

Course Cost



June 15th - June 17th


Carol Kelly

Professional Development Lead at AVLI

Continuing Education Credits

None available.

Schedule Outline

Beginning each day at 11am EDT/10am CDT/9am MDT/8am PDT

Days 1-2

  • Keynote - 45 minutes 

  • Reflecting, journaling, and BREAK - 45 minutes

  • Teacher gatherings - 1 hour

  • Reading, reflecting and journaling - 30 minutes to an hour (when time allows throughout the remainder of your day)

Day 3

  • Keynote - 45 minutes

  • Reflecting, journaling, and BREAK - 45 minutes

  • Teacher gatherings - 1 hour

  • Closing remarks - 20 min

Optional Components/Resources

  • Forum area

  • Resource sharing bank

  • Additional Readings

  • Drop-in sessions in July and early August

About the course

Part spiritual and part practical, the goal of this short, low-stress program is to provide a process for formal reflection of lessons learned over the past school year with the intention of identifying one or two pandemic-adopted, high-impact practices that the teacher-participant would like to retain and refine for use in next year’s teaching. 

The formal portion of the program will consist of daily keynote Ignatian-style reflections followed by self-guided exercises, and opportunities to dialog with like-discipline teachers. By the end of the third day, teachers will have identified their practice of focus and prepared a simple plan for ensuring readiness come this fall. The keynotes will be both spiritual and practical in that they will incorporate a theme for reflection which will then be tied to the self-guided exercises. Once complete, the self-guided exercises will serve as the teachers’ planning document. 

Every few weeks throughout the remainder of the summer, participants will receive simple, non-judgmental notes/reflections to keep them anchored to the experience and motivated to continue to make progress toward their objectives. There will also be a small number of drop-in sessions over the summer that teachers can utilize at their discretion.

Keynote Reflection   VIEW RECORDINGS

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