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RESET: Renewed Educational Strategies for Experienced Teachers

Course Cost

$775/participant for member schools $1050/participant for non-member schools

$100 discount per participant when registering multiple teachers! Use code RESET at check out.


The RESET program has a soft start on August 5th and runs through the fall academic term, 2022.


Carol Kelly, Alyssa Tormala, and John Damaso

Carol serves as AVLI's Professional Development Lead, Alyssa is Vice Principal of Professional Development and Innovation at Jesuit High School in Portland, and John is English Department Chair at Brophy College Preparatory

Continuing Education Credits

5 HOURS At the conclusion of the course, teachers will have the option of applying for Continuing Education Units (CEUs). The cost of CEUs is $25.

About the course

Developed in direct response to input from member school administrators and teachers, the RESET program offers membership in a cohort of colleagues, journeying together in an exploration of vocational and curricular rejuvenation.  The RESET program is designed for experienced teachers.  The course structure provides opportunity for individualized professional development in alignment with personalized goal setting across a series of three plateaus:  Reflect, Refine, and Reset.  The active portion of the program begins in late July, and extends through the fall academic term. A RESET cohort meeting that includes alumnae from the previous year occurs in the spring of 2023.  Over the active 5-month period, course resources and coaching sessions provide participants with the opportunity to look across the spectrum of their vocational life, considering Balance, Communication, and Accountability.  The spring reunion allows the cohort to regroup and report on the progress of having Reset their vocational path.  

Outcome goals in the program include practical and implementable instructional design and delivery methodologies, centered understanding of personal strengths and needs, and strategies for renewed student engagement, communication and assessment practices. Experienced teachers offer a wellspring of talent, dedication, and classroom expertise. 

Working together in the RESET program, they will look deeply at the relationship between personal and professional responsibilities, and the ways in which individual agency can contribute to a more fulfilling and productive balance between the two. Tapping into the expertise across the AVLI network of educators, participants will receive sustained support to model, reflect upon, and refine what they have created for their classrooms – a chance to enliven the next phase of their career with the renewed enthusiasm and innovative skills they need and deserve.

The collegial nature of this program is enhanced when teachers have in-school partners. We recommend sending two or more teachers from your school to share this experience.

To learn more, check out this 5 minute video.

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