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The Versatile Classroom

Course Cost

$370/participant for member schools
($100 additional fee for 360 Classroom Observation. See below for details.)

$600/participant for non-member schools


June 14th - July 2nd



Continuing Education Credits

3 HOURS At the conclusion of the course, teachers will have the option of applying for Continuing Education Units (CEUs). The cost of CEUs is $25.

“As we approached the end of 2019-2020 school year, it was apparent that our faculty would need in-depth yet personalized experiences with a VERY flexible classroom environment.  We sent ten faculty members to the Versatile Classroom as participants and had two faculty members act as mentors/moderators.  Our faculty members represented all experience levels (1-29 years) and all academic disciplines.  The Versatile Classroom was able to challenge each person and all reported growth in areas they set as goals.  They learned concrete instructional design practices and enjoyed time with mentors and colleagues to refine their skills.  They were exposed to different theories, practices, and modalities that prepared them well for the hybrid classroom experience of 2020-21.  All within our faith-based lens.  It is rare to see a blend of personal, professional, and spiritual growth – but that is what our faculty found in the Versatile Classroom experience."

Jen LaMaster, Assistant Principal

Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School, Indianapolis

About the course

In most parts of the country, the 2021 school year will likely usher in a return to a more traditional brick-and-mortar schooling experience. But what happens when student learning extends beyond the four walls of the classroom - through necessity or by design? AVLI is offering the Versatile Classroom summer program to assist, guide, and collaborate with teachers to integrate technologies and practices into their curriculum to accommodate greater flexibility no matter the environment. Through this rigorous 3-week experience, teachers will explore methodologies designed to 1) deepen and enrich student learning, and 2) be more fulfilling and less stressful for them as educators.  Participants will: 

  • utilize relevant technology tools to refashion their units for use across varied teaching and learning environments

  • design instructional elements for improved engagement and teacher-student communication

  • use and retool online assessments to improve learning, guide instruction, and engage students more deeply

  • work in an atmosphere of collegiality, meeting weekly to discuss relevant issues to their progress in the course.

Weeks 1 & 2: Using one of their current units, teachers will explore various aspects of instruction and how these practices could effectively transition between brick-and-mortar and online/hybrid contexts. They will explore best practices of online communication and instruction, experiment with a range of online tools that can assist in student engagement, and examine how summative assessments can be converted into ongoing formative assessments more suitable to a mixed use environment.

Week 3: Teachers will apply new strategies gained during the first two weeks to revise an existing unit from their course, or to create a new unit, according to the principles of assessment, communication and engagement covered in the first two weeks.


Have your newly designed instructional elements professionally reviewed! AVLI is providing member-school participants the option of having their classroom observed by a trained instructional coach.  

Your coach will work with you regarding the objectives and timing of your observation. You will video record your selected class period, enabling your coach to place comments directly over the recording.  This highly effective feedback and reflection model provides the participating teacher the objectivity needed to ensure effective practice.

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