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The Versatile Classroom II: Formative & Summative Assessments in Online & Hybrid Formats

Course Cost

$360/participant for member schools
$600/participant for non-member schools


July 11 through July 29th, 2022



Continuing Education Credits

2 HOURS At the conclusion of the course, teachers will have the option of applying for Continuing Education Units (CEUs). The cost of CEUs is $25.

About the course

Helping students in online and hybrid contexts develop their ability to process and apply knowledge requires thinking about assessment differently:  applying backwards design to ensure that students accept greater responsibility for their own learning and gain the enduring knowledge that is central to understanding of the subject.  In a modified coaching format and asynchronous learning opportunities, teachers will explore curricular strategies and online tools to see how summative assessments can be converted into ongoing formative assessments that are more suitable to online and hybrid teaching and learning contexts.  Working at their own pace, teachers will revamp an entire course unit that will be designed to fit into any educational format in which they and their students find themselves.  An initial cohort meeting and a course debrief with colleagues open the door to an exchange of ideas, an opportunity to brainstorm ways to refine strategies, and receive and provide support and encouragement. 

Here is what administrators are saying about the AVLI Versatile Classroom experience:

"The Versatile Classroom was able to challenge [teachers from every academic discipline] and all reported growth in areas they set as goals.  They learned concrete instructional design practices and enjoyed time with mentors and colleagues to refine their skills.  They were exposed to different theories, practices, and modalities that prepared them well for the hybrid classroom experience….  All within our faith-based lens.  It is rare to see a blend of personal, professional, and spiritual growth – but that is what our faculty found in the Versatile Classroom experience. " Jen LaMaster, Assistant Principal, Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School, Indianapolis.

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