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Just-in-Time Series

Strategic Planning for Catholic Schools

(Just when you need it)

Created and Facilitated by Jack Peterson of Managing for Mission.

Leading a school without a Strategic Plan is like sailing a ship without a rudder. But if you’ve never led the planning process before, or want to do better this time, this course will give you what you need to navigate. In 4 one-hour, self-guided tutorials, you’ll map out a planning process designed for your school’s needs. You’ll craft your own working definition, the case for the process, component steps and resources required, and be assisted by videoconferencing with an experienced Strategic Planning Consultant when you’re ready, when you need help, and at a mutually-agreeable time.

NOW $250 for member schools ($675 value)

NOW $400 for non-member schools ($1,000 value)

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What others are saying...

"I was very impressed with this course.  I think it would be especially useful for schools just starting a Strategic Planning process or contemplating one.  The format worked well for me because I was able to have all the info I needed in one place.  Nice work!"

Dr. Tim Uhl
Superintendent, Montana Catholic Schools
Blogger/Podcaster:  "Catholic School Matters"

"Because Jack has been in this role, he designed the course around the targeted questions school leaders and board members must consider when preparing to embark on the strategic planning process.  The Prospectus you create in the course is a ready-to-use tool.  We had already begun rolling on our process, but I plan to turn the Prospectus I created into a slide deck and use it explain to others at the school what needs to happen and why.  I also appreciated that I could take the course at my own pace in those fleeting scraps of time available to me. I think we'd all win for having taken a course like this."

Holly Elkins

President, Presentation High School

San Jose CA

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