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Online and Blended Student Coursework

The threefold purpose of our student coursework is to

  1. Strengthen our member schools by providing flexible, cost-effective student courses and programming to complement schools’ existing instructional program

  2. Assist schools with instructional needs for individual students or pressing internal circumstances

  3. Provide students quality learning experiences that help them mature as thoughtful, independent learners

From dual-credit courses to electives in Artificial Intelligence, Astronomy, and Digital Photography, there is something of interest for most every student. Still, learning online is different. Explore how our traditional* courses work here, then scroll down to see our course catalogs. 

*The format of our summer and self-paced courses differs.

Custom Core Course Support

Student Course Offerings

catalog summer.JPG

Summer 2023 Catalog


Self-Paced Courses

Health and Financial Education Courses

Custom Core Course Support
Providing Assistance in Trying Times

"We would absolutely find this valuable, particularly as a means to close the gap when students are out for mental health treatment."

"The teacher coverage will be of great help because now our staff is flooded with substitutions when a teacher has to be away for a prolonged period of time."

"Yes! Asynchronous with flexible start dates is preferential for these types of courses."

What we can offer for individual students

  • Easily accessible and interactive content for core courses

  • Programming students can drop into and out of, based on their needs in consultation with their own teachers/school.

  • Students can work with their regular teachers or receive coaching and support from an AVLI teacher


What we can offer schools

  • A large body of instructional and assessment resources that they can either make accessible to a teacher within their own school or a remote teacher anywhere in the country.

More and more, schools find themselves working to support students in need of an extended leave. Occasionally, the same is true of teachers. Beginning in FALL 2023, AVLI will have flexible core content and, when needed, a web of supportive teachers ready to assist with customized solutions. 
Reach out to discuss.



English I, II, III, IV



Algebra I, II



Probability & Statistics







Environmental Science

Physical Science



Social Studies

American History I,II
US Government

World History


World Languages


Chinese Mandarin I, I, III

French I, II

Latin I, II, III

Spanish I, II, III, IV


Advanced Placement

AP Biology

AP Calculus AB

AP Calculus BC

AP Computer Science A

AP English Language & Composition

AP English Literature & Composition

AP Environmental Science
AP Human Geography

AP Macroeconomics

AP Microeconomics

AP Psychology

AP Statistics

AP US Government & Politics

AP US History

Student Course Catalogs

What to expect...

Online learning through AVLI is different.

Like college. Our courses run on a traditional semester-based schedule utilizing the type of platform and online format that students might expect to experience in college. They are flexible in design so students can complete their AVLI work around their existing school and extra-curricular schedules. Here are some important points about the AVLI experience:

  • We value your time and try to use it well. Our courses require as much time as any other course. If you add up the time you spend in class, doing homework, and studying for any given course, that’s about how much time each week your AVLI course will require. Obviously, higher-level courses like AP courses require more time just like they would in your face-to-face school. Generally, this falls into the range of 5-7 hours per week.

  • Attendance matters. You can’t skip weeks in an AVLI course just like you can’t skip weeks at your face-to-face school. Teachers monitor attendance and assignment submissions so consistent engagement matters.

  • AVLI courses are largely Asynchronous, Teacher-led, and Cohort-based. These are important distinctions that warrant careful explanation.

    • Asynchronous: While each course will offer one synchronous (i.e. “live”) online meeting per week lasting about an hour in length, course tasks and activities are mostly asynchronous. This means students do not have to be present online at a certain time each day. Courses often use learning activities such as instructional videos, discussion boards, readings, and assignments, students usually complete the majority of these independently with the teacher always available for support.

    • Teacher-led and cohort-based: While students often work quite independently, our courses are not considered “independent” or “self-paced” courses. Our teachers design their course materials, set the course schedule, work closely with students to facilitate and monitor their progress, and support the building of a community among the class cohort. Learning tasks are assigned deadlines throughout each week to which students are expected to adhere.

  • You are not alone. Your classmates will be young men and women from other schools across North America.  It is the shared responsibility of all the class’ participants, both students and teacher, to build a rich learning community. Your support system can extend beyond the course as well, and at AVLI we believe in helping you build and maintain that structure. Because students perform better when their experience occurs as part of a supportive environment, regular communication is sent to students, parents, and schools regarding student progress.


What to Expect
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