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Teaching for AVLI

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AVLI gives its teachers the tools and freedom to develop highly innovative courses. This keeps teachers engaged and enthusiastic about their own subject, allowing them to evolve and refine their expression as an educator, and resulting in an infinitely more meaningful and enjoyable experience for students.

Taiko Haessler, PhD
AVLI Teacher


We're looking for a particular brand of teacher.

Of course we are looking for content experts. More importantly, though, we are looking for teachers who recognize that this content does not exist in a box. Rather, it is a pathway for students to better understand and appreciate the world around them. 

We want teachers who are passionate about the profession, particularly within the Catholic context. Teachers who are themselves learners and who want to be part of a collegial community focused on the betterment of pedagogical practice.

We want tinkerers. Teachers who are never quite satisfied with the status quo. Reflective teachers who see calculated innovation as a means of better serving students.

Lastly, we want teachers who value young people. Who recognize the power and importance of adult accompaniment as students imperfectly negotiate their learning within the context of life’s challenges.  

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