The Versatile Classroom: Responding to the Times 

SESSION 1: June 15 - July 3 (Registration Closed)
SESSION 2: July 13 -
July 31

This spring, schools everywhere experienced profound challenges.  Teachers, administrators, and students have found themselves suddenly at a distance, cast into roles for which many had not yet had an opportunity to prepare.  This coming fall, it is likely that schooling will remain disrupted. Some schools may remain online, while others may return to a normal state only to find themselves moving back online as quarantine policies are reimposed. 


Arrupe Virtual is offering a specially-designed professional development summer program to assist, guide, and collaborate with teachers to integrate technology into their curriculum for a more seamless transition between the brick-and-mortar classroom and online delivery. Through this rigorous 3-week experience, teachers will explore methodologies designed to 1) deepen and enrich student learning, and 2) be more fulfilling and less stressful for them as educators. 


Over the 3-week experience, teachers will be asked to bring a relevant unit of material to scrutinize with peers and AVLI mentor support. Through asynchronous work and mentor guidance, participants will: 

  • utilize relevant technology tools to refashion their units for use across varied teaching and learning environments

  • design instructional elements for improved engagement and teacher-student communication

  • use and retool online assessments to improve learning, guide instruction, and engage students more deeply

Weeks 1 & 2: Teachers will use their selected unit to explore various aspects of teaching and how these practices could transition effectively to an online/hybrid context. They will explore best practices of online communication and instruction, experiment with a range of online tools that can assist in student engagement, and examine how unit summative assessments can be converted into ongoing formative assessments more suitable to the online context, and which help students develop their ability to process knowledge.


Week 3: Teachers will use the unit revisions from the first two weeks to revise another unit from their course, or to create a new unit, according to the principles of assessment, communication and
engagement covered in the first two weeks.


At AVLI, we know that schooling experiences are and should be expressions of love for learners and love of learning.  The enduring goal of professional development at AVLI is that teachers learn to integrate crucial skill development into any academic discipline - and within any educational format - by using strong and strategic communication, engagement, and assessment strategies, in the context of love. We invite you to join us for this special opportunity.




Regarding the estimate of time, this will vary greatly by teacher. Guided work time is a substantial amount of the experience and as such teachers have a good deal of flexibility. Some teachers will choose to bite off a lot while others may be intent on working on a few key concepts/items that they want to be sure to master. While the course design is still in development, I would suggest that there will be about two hours of daily instructional time/resources to take advantage of. Some of the instructional components will be important to the overall program while many other components will be strictly optional. Regarding synchronous sessions, they've not been set yet. Know that we will likely have participants from five time zones so that will affect the timing. There will likely be a few large sessions each week and smaller optional opportunities each day for at least the first two weeks. All sessions will be recorded, but obviously attending "live" provides additional benefits.

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$370/participant for member schools

$495/participant for non-member schools


At the conclusion of the course, teachers will have the option of applying for Continuing Education Units (CEUs). The cost of CEUs is $25.