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Revisiting Assessment

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September 23, 2020 at 6:30:00 PM
Nick Dressler, Director of Collaborative Programming for AVLI

Along with a firm grasp of traditional reading and writing skills, the modern student also possesses a keen technological savvy, a sophisticated public persona, and an unprecedented connection to her physical world now broadened by affordable travel and ubiquitous technology.  As our idea of learning has evolved parallel to technology, society, and the economy, this contemporary student, buoyed by her dynamic world, demands even more from her instructors, meaning now and in the future, the classroom instructor must emphasize learning as skill appropriation and demonstration as opposed to stopping with content memorization as in years past.  We know this. But have our assessments evolved to reflect this truth? How do we ensure we actually evaluate learning? How do we update our assessments to inspire the type of learning our students now demand? 

In this webinar, an addendum to the YouTube videos Synthesis: Online Assessments, we will discuss inverting traditional unit structures, injecting formative assessments, and using summative assessments to drive future learning.  

Following this webinar, participants will be provided the opportunity to register for separate sharing sessions linking like-discipline teachers to further discuss implications and strategies.


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