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Ungrading: An Experiment in Intrinsic Motivation

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April 20, 2021 at 4:00:00 PM
John Damaso, English Department Chair at Brophy College Preparatory School

As educators, have your students ever asked you, “What is this assignment worth?” or “Does this count for a grade?” Have you been flummoxed by students’ willingness to cut corners, do the minimum, even cheat? Students are conditioned by years of schooling to measure their learning by how the adults in the room rate, sort, and judge them — via grading — often at the expense of curiosity, creativity, and care. With authentic learning and metacognitive awareness as goals, how might removing grades and instead offering personalized feedback encourage intrinsic motivation in learners? This webinar introduces educators to the “ungrading” movement and calls them to scrutinize the role of grades at their schools and to imagine ways to prioritize learning in their classrooms.

Join Brophy College Prep’s John Damaso, Chair of the English Department, to learn

  • what ungrading is and could be.

  • what happened during a five-week experiment of ungrading in an AP English class at a Jesuit high school.

  • what students revealed in their reflections on the experiment.

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