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Why Arrupe?

“The revolution created by the printing press at the beginning of the Renaissance is child's play compared to the revolution being produced by modern technology. Our education must take this into account! We must use it, and help our students to get accustomed to it.”

Fr. Pedro Arrupe wrote these words in an address to colleagues at the conclusion of a symposium on secondary education. The year was 1980. Some forty years later, the ring of these words has never been truer. While these prophetic remarks bolster our work as an online enterprise, it is Arrupe’s vision of educational excellence that inspires our work with our member schools, students and teachers.

“The excellence which we seek consists in producing men and women of right principles, personally appropriated; men and women open to the signs of the times, in tune with their cultural milieu and its problems; men and women for others… It must be an education which will be the seed for further personal growth; an open-ended education; an introduction to a basic thrust which will continue to be operative throughout life: continual formation.”

More about our patron-person, Fr. Pedro Arrupe.

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