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Why Arrupe?

Fr. Pedro Arrupe believed in the power of relationships, writing, "In every person, with all of his or her concrete circumstances, there is a value that does not depend on me, but that makes that person like me. God is within the other, with his love, waiting for me. And this is a call I cannot neglect."

As a Catholic-centered educational organization that occupies space in the digital world, Arrupe Virtual has an obligation to model practices that foster digital encounter - awakening the human spirit and encouraging a generous response to the world around us.

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Why It Matters?

It may seem self-evident that today’s students must become adept at online learning.  Colleges and universities across the country have implemented online learning platforms that offer courses in all discipline areas.  However, success in online learning involves developing a skill set that includes a higher level of self-motivation, learning how to navigate virtual communication with teachers and co-leaners, and, importantly, developing the academic maturity that is necessary to be in the driver’s seat of one’s own education.  Gaining these skills before entering college is more important than ever before.

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Why It Works?

What makes AVLI work is the schools we serve. This may sound cliché, but our member-model focusing on Catholic schools animates our vision as described in Go Forth and Learn.

AVLI originated to serve the needs of 21st century education, broadening the curricular horizon of Catholic schools to meet the demands of an ever-expanding universe of online learning. The online and blended courses at AVLI are structured to meet the highest standards of communication, engagement, and assessment. Our secondary education courses and professional development opportunities are created through collaboration between teachers, facilitators and the AVLI Digital Design Team.  Curriculum is innovative by design, purposefully user-friendly, and pedagogically sound. Students in our secondary education courses and participants in our professional development program benefit from the ability to schedule online assignments around their existing day-to-day schedules, connecting through robust discussion forums and face-to-face virtual meetings with faculty, students, teachers, and administrators across our member network.


Why You Should Be a Part of It?

Schools win through expanded oferings and collaboration opportunities.

Students win by expanding their horizons.

Teachers win by exploring new challenges and learning paradigms.

Everyone wins with our Catholic ethos.


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