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School counselor talking to student

Whether it's an illness, injury, or an opportunity, many students' path through the high school years is not always straight. AVLI may be able to help you and your child's school devise a way forward should your child require an extended leave. Here are some things to consider that may be useful as you open a conversation with your school.

Who to contact at your child's school.

Typically, the assistant principal of academics and/or your child's guidance counsellor would be good starting points.

What to discuss.

When meeting with someone from your school, it's important to clearly identify goals and outcomes. This begins with an honest assessment of your child's academic standing relating to graduation, and their capacity for engaging in school work under current circumstances. The next step is to determine if you are in need of full credit-bearing coursework or a shorter term curricular solution to bridge a learning gap that allows your child to more seamlessly integrate back into the classroom upon their return to school.

Next, it's important to consider how the school can meet your child's needs internally. This tends to be the best option. If you and the school come to the conclusion that a gap exists between your child's needs and what your school can offer, then engaging AVLI makes sense.

Have your child's school reach out to us.

AVLI has a host of customizable curricular and teacher options that we can explore together. For this to work, however, the school must take the lead to ensure the solution designed provides your child their best opportunity for success.


Course Offerings

From dual-credit courses to electives in Artificial Intelligence, Astronomy, and Digital Photography, there is something of interest for every student.

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