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It's pronounced ə·RŪ·pā. Pedro Arrupe is our patron and namesake because of his profound influence on education and his unique understanding of what it means to be human.

Father Arrupe looking down
"The revolution created by the printing press at the beginning of the Renaissance is child's play compared to the revolution being produced by modern technology. Our education must take this into account! We must use it, and help our students to get accustomed to it.”

Fr. Pedro Arrupe wrote these words in an address to colleagues at the conclusion of a symposium on secondary education. The year was 1980. While these prophetic remarks bolster our work as an online enterprise, it is Arrupe’s vision of educational excellence that inspires our work with our member schools, students and teachers.

"In every person, with all of his or her concrete circumstances, there is a value that does not depend on me, but that makes that person like me. God is within the other, with his love, waiting for me. And this is a call I cannot neglect."

As a Catholic-centered educational organization that occupies space in the digital world, Arrupe Virtual has an obligation to model practices that foster digital encounter - awakening the human spirit and encouraging a generous response to the world around us.


What We Value

Our desire is to be an agent for building a virtual world of encounter rather than anonymity.

Join the Mission

Schools win through expanded offerings and collaboration opportunities. Help us get there by donating to Arrupe Virtual Learning Institute.

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