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From the teachers to the students to the programs themselves, there is much that goes into making the AVLI Experience what it is. Here, we're shining a light on what makes the AVLI network special.


Riley Schmitz, AVLI student

Academy of the Holy Names

Riley S.

Driven by discipline, Riley found the online experience successful when she stayed disciplined and held herself accountable.

Nicholas Phillips, AVLI student

De Smet Jesuit High School

Nicholas P.

In his senior year, Nicholas was most surprised by the relationship he was able to form with his teacher, all while being virtual.

Maricar Mendez, AVLI student

St. Anthony School

Maricar M.

Grateful for the course structure and its organization, Maricar found it easy to do class work and keep track of it.

Mariam Soto Macias, AVLI Student

Institutio Lix

Mariam S.

Mariam enjoyed learning how veterinary medicine varies by country and is grateful her passion is now her area of focus in college.

Check back soon for more student highlights and our teacher and program features.

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