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Astronomy: An Introduction

Astronomy: An Introduction


January 9 - May 2, 2025

Course Description

RECOMMENDED FOR: Juniors and Seniors



Most of us are familiar with spectacular images from space missions and telescopes, and we’ve heard terms like “galaxies” and “black holes” tossed about in popular films. What we can sometimes forget is how those abstract terms and images are actually connected to the sky we can see overhead every night (at least when it’s not cloudy!) This course aims to make those connections. It provides an introduction to the solar system, stars, the interstellar medium, the galaxy, and the universe. But it also teaches us how to look at the sky itself, to become familiar with the Moon, planets, and stars we can see for ourselves; where they are and how they move from hour to hour, season to season. It is also designed to force students to think like scientists – separating fact from theory, studying relationships between objects in search of patterns, and more. This course requires weekly engagement, including required weekly naked-eye observations of the sky; but is primarily asynchronous, which allows students to work around their school schedule. One-on-one synchronous teacher support is offered on demand, by appointment.

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