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C++ Programming

C++ Programming


January 9 - May 2, 2025

Course Description

RECOMMENDED FOR: Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors

COURSE LISTING: Computer Science


This course will introduce students to computer programming using the C++ programming language. C++ is a programming language used in many applications, across many different industries. Through this course, students will learn the basic syntax necessary to write a computer program and how to attack a problem using the proper planning techniques. Students will learn about control structures, loops, procedures, arrays and much more. Another important aspect of this course is learning how to collaborate with other students. Each student will be put in a group of 3 and will work together to meet the objectives of the module. Collaborating with other students is essential to success of students in this course, as well as a much-needed life skill. There is a synchronous meeting that will take place during one evening or weekend slot per week that students are expected to attend. Meeting times to be determined at the beginning of the term.

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