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Catholic Authors

Catholic Authors


June 10 - July 12, 2024
January 11 - May 3, 2024

Course Description

RECOMMENDED FOR: Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors

COURSE LISTING: Dual-listed for Theology and English

SUMMER COURSE FEE: $280 ($450 for students from non-member schools)


The Roman Catholic Church is richly blessed with many wonderful authors who write passionately and compellingly about our faith. How many do you know? Augustine, Aquinas, Belloc, Chesterton, Dante, Day, Endo, Finnis, Greene, L’engle, Merton, O’Connor, Percy, Tolkien, and so many more. This course explores several diverse Catholic authors and their works and ideas, hones students’ critical reading and interpretative skills, and brings students together from Catholic schools around North America to explore our Catholic faith through our rich literary heritage. This course requires weekly engagement but is primarily asynchronous which allows students to work around their school schedule. There is a synchronous meeting that will take place one evening per week that students are expected to attend. Meeting times to be determined at the beginning of the term.

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