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Introduction to Biochemistry

Introduction to Biochemistry


September 5 - December 13, 2024

Course Description

RECOMMENDED FOR: Juniors and Seniors


PREREQUISITES: Biology and Chemistry


This course provides an overview of the main aspects of biochemistry, especially as related to human biology. Topics will include a thorough study into the four major biochemical families including proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, and nucleic acids. Select biochemical functions will be discussed in the context of chemical structures and of specific chemical principles for each of the families of molecules (for example: enzymes and enzyme regulation, carbohydrate needs in the body, lipid functions, and nucleic acid structures). Finally, the course provides and overview of metabolism and metabolic pathways which are fundamental to understanding molecular biology. This course requires weekly engagement but is primarily asynchronous which allows students to work around their school schedule. There is a synchronous meeting that will take place one evening per week that students are expected to attend. Meeting times to be determined at the beginning of the term.

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