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DIRECTED DELIVERY: June 12 – August 9
FLEXIBLE DELIVERY: On/After June 1, close August 9

Course Description

This course utilizes an NCAA approved curriculum for Chemistry. It employs a competency-based model which means that students work through the material independently, allowing them to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding when ready.

Though students work in isolation, that doesn’t mean they are completely alone. Technical support is always available. In addition, Arrupe Virtual will send regular reports to host schools, parents, and students to help them monitor student progress. Each student receives teacher support according to the course delivery model in which they enroll.

The DIRECTED DELIVERY option balances flexibility with a higher level of teacher support and a defined schedule of activity. The model incorporates specific course start and end dates, and prescribed activity due dates and submission deadlines. Though the experience is still self-directed, this option provides teachers and students a more structured approach to help ensure steady progress and timely support. Most students will benefit from this option, and it should be the preferred choice for students needing higher levels of support. $410

The FLEXIBLE DELIVERY option provides the greatest level of flexibility and student autonomy though the level of support is diminished. The teacher’s primary role is to assess student work, answer questions posed by students, and send an occasional correspondence to solicit student feedback. There are a small number of general deadlines to encourage student progress. This option is appropriate for self-directed students with particularly significant scheduling challenges, or for students with a solid outside support structure such as a tutor. $285

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