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The Accompaniment Imperative: Leveraging AI tools to help Catholic Teachers focus on what really matters.

Program Details

  • Dates: June 18th - June 21st (Pre-conference work begins May 15th.)

  • Institute Location: Daylesford Abbey, near Philadelphia PA

  • CEUs: 3 HOURS - At the conclusion of the course, teachers will have the option of applying for Continuing Education Units (CEUs) granted through Regis University.

  • Cost: $745 (Includes conference fees, 3 days of lodging and meals)

    $445 (Commuter rate for those not needing accommodations)



Purpose and Description

The past year has seen an incredible development in Artificial Intelligence tools designed specifically for educators. Moving beyond ChatGPT this PD will explore a variety of other AI tools that support teachers in time-management, productivity, differentiation, and curriculum. These tools offer a practical approach and concrete options to help us better meet the needs of each student within the real context and time constraints of a busy teacher’s life.

Reckoning with the changes that AI has ushered into the education landscape makes one thing abundantly clear, teachers must double down on authentic, reciprocal relationships with students in order to best support student success. With new tools opening the door to potential new levels of efficiency, it’s vital we don’t lose sight of the human beings that we hold within our care. In this, it has never been more necessary for teachers, especially Catholic teachers, to both understand and practice relationality with students as the imperative of our craft. We call this the Accompaniment Imperative.

The Accompaniment Imperative requires that we synthesize an understanding of being in relationship with students informed by contemporary advances in constructivist developmental theory and research with practical technological skills and tools that give us a greater capacity for accompaniment in and out of the classroom.

This is a hybrid program consisting of a series of pre-conference learning activities and exercises to prepare participants for structured, guided work time at the Institute.

Comments from 2023 Participants

"It was incredibly professional and helpful. I was so moved by how affective it was. I think this is a phenomenal resource for teachers."

"As this was my first experience with AVLI, I was impressed with everything and everyone. I'm so thrilled to have gotten the opportunity to meet and work with other skilled and passionate educators."


Pre-conference Work

To prepare for the gathering at Daylesford, participants will take part in pre-conference activities and discussions beginning on May 15th. This online experience will give participants the opportunity to explore contemporary theory and research through their own self-reflections and peer sharing to better understand what accompaniment can mean and what challenges exist to realizing accompaniment within our practices.

Program Outcomes

On June 18th we will come together for a three-day retreat-style gathering that allows teachers valuable time away to think and plan creatively for the coming year. During this three-day experience, teachers will focus on:

  • Developing their understanding of what accompaniment means and looks like within classrooms designed for differentiated developmental stages, as well as learning styles and abilities;

  • Finding ways to clearly communicate with students about essential learning and skills as an invitation to reframe “failure” within the classroom;

  • Expanding their understanding of how AI and other tools can be deployed to engage the challenges that make accompaniment difficult to practice;

  • Exploring, planning and creating new learning and assessment opportunities that can foster an accompaniment model.

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