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Riley S.

Riley S.


Academy of the Holy Names

AVLI Courses Taken

What piece of advice would you give a student considering taking an AVLI course?

A piece of advice that I would give a student considering taking an AVLI course is to stay disciplined. With an online course, it is sometimes hard when you don’t have someone watching over your shoulder to make sure you do your work. However, keeping up with the work will make your AVLI experience much easier. With AP Calculus BC, there are suggested due dates and actual later due dates. It was easy to put off things to the actual due date, but once I began completing them before the suggested date I comprehended the material much better.

What surprised you most about your AVLI course experience?

What surprised me the most about my AVLI course experience is the level of support from my AVLI teacher. My teacher, Mr. Owsley, is always there to answer questions and was very flexible when I was struggling with my school and sport balance during my school tennis season.

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